Mynt Investments is a property investments company that is looking for properties that owners are looking to sell.   One of the large benefits we may offer is a solution to one of the many problems facing property owners today.  These include things such as residing out of state, negative equity, on the market for long periods of time or many other issues.  Most likely you have received a mailer from us and may be thinking about contacting us.  Even if you think we may not be interested please don't assume anything until you speak with someone at our office.  Within a few minutes of speaking with you we will be able to look at some options and you will have an idea of what is possible.

Please again keep in mind that we are creative in how we operate allowing us to make something happen when others cannot.  Mynt is not looking to purchase for pennies on the dollar like some companies.  We are here to find a scenario that works best for you.  Below are some items fully listed out that we work with on a regular basis. 

-The property has been on the market for a long period of
time with little or no offers.
-There is little, no or even sometimes negative equity.
-Out of state or moving and cannot oversee.
-Tired of dealing with tenants and maintenance.
-Small repairs need to be done.
-No real estate commissions to pay.
-High payments or adjusting payments.
-Just wanting to sell, plain and simple.

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Please fill out the form below if you would like someone to reach you by phone or email.  You can go to our "Sellers" page to fill out information about the property as well.
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